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    Employee benefits
    Talent is the most important asset that supports the constant growth of the Company. It is also the core key to a sustainable corporate management.
    We, in honor of the belief in “Passionate to serve our stakeholders; Scientific management to propel our performance; Sustain for generations”,
    are devoted to providing employees with quality working conditions. It includes outstanding and competitive remunerations and benefit, and fulfilling the goal of equal opportunities among different genders.
    All we do are to attract and retain outstanding talents by rewarding their hard work and contributions which, in turn, are jointly creating outstanding performance in the company.
    • Mandated benefits

      We provide law-abiding benefits in every country, including labor insurance/national health insurance/labor pension contribution for
      Taiwanese expatriates, and holidays, social insurances and housing fund in China.

    • Other benefits

      We also offer group insurance, festival gifts, welfare subsidies
      home-visit tickets and scheduled vacations for expatriates.