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    Management Training Blueprint
    Professional talent is an important asset to the Group.Only by continuously enhancing the overall capabilities of the group can we create advantages for the group to continuously advance
    to the top; we provide a complete training system and development planning to improve professional management abilities and encourage employees to engage in self-development.Through the regular updating of the management training blueprint, the staff can follow the map, understand the professional knowledge required at each stage of the position, and work in four main directions:
    Do Things Well, Do Things Right, Do the Right Things and Consider the Right Strategy,
    through improving professional competence in management to create both customers' and the Group's competitiveness.
    Management Associates Training Plan
    GPMA (Group Management Associates) Training Plan aims to nurture the Group’s management talent.
    It is expected to strengthen profession and management abilities through intensively and practically fundamental training, footwear technology imparting primary management courses.
    Those who complete the training plan and pass the assessment not only have the professional functions of the footwear industry but also prepare for joining in the management team in the future;
    GPMA Training Plan is being developed sustainably in China and Vietnam.

    Assessment Plan 3, 6, 9 System

    GPMA Training Plan, having a completed training system, is divided into 3 stages: 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month practical training, it is feasible to grasp the professional fundamentals and accumulate practical experience within a year and a half.

    3-month intern training

    3 months to complete professional expertise in shoe-making, skill training and sample room internship.

    3 stage acceptance of personal abilities and developmental illustration through each step goal.

    95 types of professional courses nurture talent for our team.

    6-month positional training

    Positional training, Monthly following, Sustainable tutoring

    In order to help GPMA integrate into the group culture in the shortest time, we established an "individual training plan, mentoring system, tutoring system" to accelerate absorption and maturation, and establish excellent job functions. Departmental senior officials and mentors regularly check the working and learning achievements in order to understand individual development. And they give GPMA comments and feedbacks, grasp learning schedule and maturation, and assist each GPMA to develop the working achievement quickly.

    9-month training confirmation

    Training result confirmation, Feedback & Discussion, Promoting management goals

    The department leaders and tutors give feedbacks for the projects regularly by checking the training results of two steps for 9 months. They design the flexible examination chart according to every GPMA's expected position, in order to adjust the management position.

    Training by us

    Management Training

    Management Training

    Working Skills Training

    Practice Training

    GPMA Training