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    Energy and Carbon Footprint
    With the growing threat to social development of mankind from climate change and global warming,
    group SMP set up an energy management team, established energy strategy and set SBTi target.
    Group implements various energy-saving projects and activities to keep enhancing the energy efficiency and gradually
    increases proportion of renewable energy to minimize the impact of factory operation on the climate and environment
    Energy Type
    • Electricity


    • Biomass


    • Petrol


    • Diesel


    • Gas


    Energy & Carbon Road Map
    • Energy & Carbon Road Map

      Energy & Carbon Road Map

    • Consolidate Energy Management System

      Consolidate Energy Management System

    • Improve Energy Efficiency

      Improve Energy Efficiency

    Focus Projects
    • New Equipment Procurement

      Optimize the procurement of low-energy need equipment;

    • Solar PV Project

      Install solar panel on the rooftop of factory building to generate solar energy, improving ratio of renewable energy

    • High-Efficiency Motor

      Phase out IE0-IE2 motor step by step, and replaced with IE3 motor

    • Air Compressor System

      Control air leakage, adjust air pressure and renovate pipeline setting, and introduce central control system

    • Air-Conditioning System

      Balance the setting of temperature and moisture, and reduce the frequency of air-cycle in the warehouse

    • Heating Oven

      Time control to the switch on/off of the oven, improve heat-conservation capacity

    • Light Devices

      Phase out traditional T8, T5 lighting tube, and promote LED light

    • Boiler System

      Move towards “0 Coal Boiler”, and transfer from centralized boiler system to decentralized boiler system

    • Others

      Implement inspection to correct energy waste, promote meter installation to track the consumption, enhance training to build up team capacity, and schedule energy audit to ensure continuous improvement