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    Waste and Water
    From selection of material, to product design & development, mass manafucturing, delivery, till post-consumer treatment
    Group upholds the concept of circular economy, and applies environment management to product’s life-cycle to control,and reduce waste/wastewater generation during operation,
    improve material efficiency, minimize natural resouces extraction, save investment, and to mitigate environment impact
    • 01

      Reduce Environmental Pollution

      Minimize the primary and secondary pollution to the environment from activity of waste and wastewater generation and disposal/treatment
    • 02

      Protect Eco-System

      Control the discharge and emission of pollutants, reduce the impact to air, water and soil to maintain eco-system stability.
    • 03

      Minimize Resources Waste

      Waste and wastewater are waste of resources themselves, and the disposal/treatment of both also need resources input like land
    • 04

      Mitigate Water Risk and Health Problem

      Damage to freshwater from industrial activity intensifies Water Crisis around the world; Use of polluted surface/ground water do hard to the human health
    • 05

      Compliant with Environmental Protection Requirements

      Follow the regulation and requirement from local legislation and client to treat waste and wastewater, ensure discharge compliance