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Business Opportunities

Glen Rose at a Glance

The Glen Rose area is a thriving community with a strong economic past, present and future outlook. Along with the Historic Downtown shopping area, our facilities and incentives are tailor-made for growing industrial needs. Businesses are finding that growth here is constrained only by the imagination.

There are many reasons to open a business in Glen Rose or Somervell County:

It remains to have one of the lowest property tax rates in North Central Texas
A 118-acre County Industrial Park and several sites for development
Quick and easy access to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex
State of the Art Medical Facilities
Strong tourism industry
And the scenic landscape

Somervell County has positioned itself to be an appealing place to live and do business. We are seeing several businesses and families moving to the area due to Barnett Shale activity, which is expected to continue over the next 20 years.

What does this mean to your business? If you are interested in starting and growing a business, the Chamber of Commerce can help you with your promotional needs. If you are a business outside of Somervell County, you should consider this community as one of your target markets. The Chamber of Commerce can help market your out-of-county business to the local community. Either way, Chamber membership and/or sponsorship will bring positive effects to your bottom line.

Chamber support generates goodwill in the community for your business. The Somervell County community has worked over several decades to develop a community with state-of-the-art, first-rate facilities and programs. The people in the community are always willing to support businesses that support their vision. You can support the Chamber and demonstrate your support of Somervell County through membership, event participation, fund raiser sponsorship, advertising and utilizing our strong communication network. These are all effective tools that the Chamber offers your business.

Contact the Chamber office today and let’s get started on building your business and community links!

Glen Rose ∙ Somervell County
Chamber of Commerce

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