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    Automatic Spring Tester

    For all kinds of tension and compression springs in analyzing and measuring the “Load-displacement”Windows Chinese (English) version, easy to operate and learn .




    ● All test conditions are stored and programmed by computer pictures. (select form list or input the figures directly for setting)
    ● Steel structure with servo motor, high accuracy and long lasting.
    ● Selectable units of N, lb, gf, and kgf.
    ● Auto-origin memory , all data can be stored once power failure occurred.
    ●  Load cell over-load protection against damage .
    ● Direct output and storage. (load-distance and test report).
    ● The test report can be output automatically (printout), and transferred to files or output through network.
    ● Record each active Load-distance variation curve diagram directly.
    ● The specified upper and lower tolerance values can be entered for determining OK or NG in different color.
    ● Auto. 1-step, 2-step, 3-step loading detection.

    ●  Multifunction testing selections: A. Height setting for load value. B. Load setting for height value. C. Compression setting for load value. D. Load setting for compression value. E .Multipoint testing.


    Testing Conditions Setting
    ● Spring type selection ● 5-step height setting
    ● Load units switching ● 5-step load setting
    ● Spring zero point position ● Height tolerance input。
    ● Diagram coordinates range ● Load tolerance input


    Printing Format
    ● The test report can be produced automatically (A4 size), transferred to Excel file or output through network.
    ● The title of test report can be revised at any time.
    ● Auto. Counting : Maximum value , minimum value, average value and standard difference…etc.
    ● The specified upper and lower limit values can be entered for determining OK or NG.


    Testing Picture
    Test condition setting   Test report


    SH24 Printer


    Model 6000S 6001S 6005S 6020S 6050S 6100S 6200S 6500S
    Capacity 5kgf 10kgf 50kgf 200kgf 500kgf 1000kgf 2000kgf 5000kgf
    Resolution 0.2gf 1gf 2gf 10gf 20gf 0.1kgf 0.1kgf 0.2kgf
    Units gf、kgf、N、lb單位切換
    Max.Stroke 200mm 800mm
    Min. Stroke 0.01mm、0.001mm(Opition)
    Drive motor Servo motor
    Anvil Dia 60mm 120mm 200mm
    Dimension 310(W)×410 (D)×640 (H)mm 850 (W)×580 (D)×1510 (H)mm 930 (W)×490 (D)×2000 (H)mm
    Weight 60kg 130kg 250kg
    Power AC 110V or 220V



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