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    Auto Touch Panel『Load-distance-linearity』Tester

    ?XY direction linearity testing

    ?ON-OFF conduction testing

    ?Vacuole (height) testing

    Application of all kinds touch panel of cell phones and PDA 『Load-distance-linearity』 multi-function testing. Machine can work with XY axes in random testing place & get changed of testing panel linearity , even check all electronic circuit before testing.

    Window Chinese & English version with data storage function for easy operation. (test conditions, load curve, test result and test report, etc.) and output by Excel editing.



    NO.102R 100Ω-50kΩ impedance setting of conduciton point


    ● Touch panel ON point impedance device
    ● Active impedance testing system 101 R


    Testing Item
    ● Touch panel XY direction linearity measure
    ● Touch panel ON point force & stroke testing
    ● Touch panel planeness testing (vacuole testing)
    ● Push-key load cure testing (multipoint stroke)
    ● LCD compression testing (multipoint stroke)
    ● Three points bending strength testing
    ● Normal multipoint force testing (multipoint stroke)


    ● Input X 、Y coordinate randomly, and tester will move automatically.
    ● Max. stroke and loading value input for testing automatically.
    ● Machine will pause or return while loading value reaches setting.
    ● Machine will pause or return while stroke value reaches setting.
    ● Test and output the diagrams of each stroke (0.01mm) and loading.
    ● Cross-shape cursor can trace the track of each test diagram , so as to determine the Corresponding values of load and displacement. Minimum resolution is 0.01mm .
    ● Direct printout and storage (Load-displacement curve、 life curve and test report)
    ● Data storage in hard disk . (without limit )
    ● The test conditions are programmed by computer pictures . (including test load、 stroke 、 speed、frequency、 and pause time….etc.)
    ● The title of the test report can be revised at any time .(either in Chinese or in English )
    ● The test report can be transferred to Excel file for editing or output through Network.


    Testing Picture
    「Setting Picture」 「Axes Setting」 「Testing Curve」 「Output Record 」


    Model 9106TS
    Load capacity 2kgf
    Load Resolution 0.1gf
    Load Accuracy ± 0.2% FS
    Z axis stroke 200mm(Accuracy±0.03)
    Z resolution 0.01mm、0.001mm(Option)
    Z speed range 1-200mm/min
    X axis stroke 100mm(Accuracy±0.03)
    X resolution 0.01mm
    Y axis stroke 60mm(Accuracy±0.03)
    Y resolution 0.01mm
    X-Y stroke 20mm/sec
    Max. square measure 100X60mm
    Impedance 0.1mΩ-3000Ω(four-wire)
    Impedance resolution 0.1mΩ
    Impedance accuracy 1mΩ以下(four-wire)
    Pressure limited 20kg
    Holding table size 120X120mm
    Power AC 110V or 220V
    Dimension 300 (W)×520 (D)×640 (H)
    Controller dimension 440 (W)×350 (D)×235 (H)



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