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    Automatic Torque Tester

    For all kinds of products in torque test.

    Such as Notebook hinge, cell phone (unity hinge torque and products torque life test ),

    LCD monitor base, and turning switch, etc.Windows Chinese software, easy to operate.




    NO.721   Core-finding device for X-Yaxes


    2205WS Widen Type Fixture Picture


    Widen Type Column Interval : 400 mm

    Cell phone hinge torque fixture
    Cell phone unity hinge fixture
    Cell phone swivel life test


    ● Driven by servo motor for a high-accuracy torque test .
    ● Test conditions are stored and programmed by computer pictures .
    ● Directly test the torque value variation of each angle . (torque-angle variation curve).
    ● Concurrent display of torque-angle curve and torque extinction curve.
    ● Diagram printout and storage (torque-angle curve, torque extinction life curve , test report).
    ● The test report can be printout, transferred to other files or output through network .
    ● The machine will stop by the limit value setting .
    ● Machine will pause or return upon reaching the torque value .
    ● Test items: Positive torque, anti-torque , Positive torque and anti-torque
    ● Direction testing : Positive go stroke, Positive go stroke + return stroke .
    ● Reverse go stroke, reverse go stroke + return stroke .
    ● Positive go stroke + Reverse stroke + Positive return stroke.


    Testing Picture
    Torque-angle Curve
    ● Record the variation of each angle torque directly. (X is angle, and Y is torque)
    ● Cross cursor can trace the track of each test diagram, so as to determine the corresponding values of torque and angle. Minimum resolution is 0.1 degree.
    ● The test curve can be stored in the computer for enlarging and shrinking at any time.
    ● Besides, “N” number of curve diagrams can also be designated on a single A4 size sheet.
    ● Reel type diagram for browsing easily.
    Life Curve
    ● The title can be revised at any time.
    ● Display each max. min. and average values on the report .
    ● Display the specified upper and lower limit lines on the report.
    ● Concurrent display many sets of Life Curves.
    Condition Setting Pictures
    ● Windows Chinese software , easy to operate.
    ● The test conditions are stored and programmed by computer pictures. By select from list or input figures directly for setting. (including test items, stroke direction, loading range, angle range, stroke original position, stroke original point detected, speed, frequency , pause time , and waiting position.)
    ● Testing items and limited setting: The specified upper and lower limit values can be entered for determining OK or NG by the test result automatically.


    Model 2205S 2205WS
    Column lnterval 200mm 400mm
    Capacity 10kgf?cm 、 50kgf ?cm 、200kgf ?cm
    Min. Torque 1gf?cm 、10gf?cm 、10gf?cm
    Min. Angle 0.1 〞
    Max. Angle Unlimited
    Speed range 60-15000 〞/min
    Drive motor Servo motor
    Dimension 360 (W)×260 (D)×940 (H)mm 560 (W)×360 (D)×140 (H)mm
    Weight 60kg 95kg
    Power AC 110V or 220V



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